Engineering Manager Jobs In Egypt 2016

Engineering Manager Jobs In Egypt And Career In Vacancies In Cairo 2016
Job Title Engineering Manager
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy) 12/21/2016
 Languages Arabic, Excellent
English, Very Good
Country Egypt
City Cairo
Job Category Engineering, Engineering Management, Maintenance / Repair
Job Type Full Time
Job Level Managerial
Description - Develop plans and objectives to motivate individuals, departments of electrical or mechanical or technical workshops in line with company policy. - Ensure the proper performance of the productive machinery and ensure continuity of operation plans to achieve productivity. - Participate in planning for new projects - Project Management Department electricity or mechanics to ensure implementation in accordance with the proposed cost on time. - Annual maintenance work plans, as well as all the Budget annual investment spending machined productivity - Preventive maintenance planning for factory machines and program development time so special agreement with the industrial processes - Identify the needs of maintenance of spare parts and maintenance materials and notify the procurement and purchase orders dependence . - Supervising the organization of maintenance records and use as the basis for the planning and monitoring of maintenance work. Downtime Analysis - Instruct sudden maintenance and repairs and oversee their implementation. - Identifying the needs of human resources to work in the department. - Participate in the selection of the staff section and the identification of training needs necessary for them and make recommendations to do so. - Directing employees in the department and assess their performance and work to motivate them in the context of the companys policies. - Oversee the maintenance of plant facilities and repair sudden repair systems. - Maintain the Manual for equipment. - Issuing the annual and periodic reports of achievements and problems and the reasons of failures to the senior management

Qualifications Education : B Sc. degree or Higher Experience in Food and beverages and restaurants field is preferred.
Gender Any
Car owner Any
Education major Engineering
Experience 3 - 5 Years.
Salary (L.E.) Negotiable
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