English Instructor For Zewail City of Science and Technology 2017

English Instructor Jobs In Egypt And Career In Zewail City of Science and Technology Vacancies In Giza 2017
Employer     Zewail City of Science and Technology
Job Title     English Instructor
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy)    2/28/2017
 Languages     English, Excellent
Arabic, Excellent
Country     Egypt
City     Giza
Job Category    Teaching, Instructor
Job Type    Full Time
Job Level     Junior
Description      - Meet his/her classes at the scheduled times, to be prepared for all class sessions, and to start and end classes at the scheduled times. - keep a reasonable number of office hours. - Learn and use technology to enhance teaching and the educational experience when appropriate. - Plan and organize instruction in ways that maximize student learning. - Employ appropriate teaching and learning strategies to communicate subject matter to students. - Establish and follow meaningful learning objectives. - Achieve the Intended learning Outcomes of the course. - Encourage the development of communication skills and higher order thinking skills through appropriate assignments. - Contribute to the selection and development of instructional materials in accordance with course objectives and in collaboration with the course coordinator. - Develop and explain methods that fairly measure student progress toward course objectives. - Evaluate student performance fairly and consistently and return student work promptly to promote maximum learning. - Maintain accurate records of student progress and submit final grade rosters to course coordinator each semester. - Provide students with accurate course descriptions in a timely fashion. - Inform students of the methods to be used in determining course grades, i.e., evaluation criteria and the contribution to the final grade of each graded component. - Discuss with the students scholastic dishonesty and what it means in the context of their class (plagiarism and its penalty). - Participate in course-related quality assurance processes and contribute to program activities that support student learning. - Report to course coordinator on all issues related to the students and/or the syllabus.

Qualifications    - BA in English (TESOL, TEFL, Faculty of Arts,(English Dept), Faculty of Education (English Dept.) or Faculty of Alsun. - Experience with lesson plan preparation. - Teaching English courses (preferably for Adults). - Experience with exam preparation (IELTS/TOEFL/GRE).
Gender    Any
Car owner     Any
Experience    3 - 5 Years.
Other Skills    Candidate should have flexibility to work in a changing environment
Salary (L.E.)    Negotiable
Job Contact Email     Please send your updated CV on recruitment@zewailcity.edu.eg

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