Senior Instructor of English For Zewail City of Science and Technology 2017

Senior Instructor of English Jobs In Egypt And Career In Zewail City of Science and Technology Vacancies In Giza 2017
Employer     Zewail City of Science and Technology
Job Title     Senior Instructor of English
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy)    2/28/2017
 Languages     English, Excellent
Arabic, Excellent
Country     Egypt
City     Giza
Job Category    Teaching, Instructor
Job Type    Full Time
Job Level     Senior
Description      - Demonstrate a vision for the course and enable staff to appreciate and engage with it - Provide leadership in relation to course structure and its ongoing development - Enable staff to generate and deliver on shared goals - Prepare required course file(s) in cooperation with the instructors - Provide course specific advice to students - Conduct orientation sessions at the course level - Organize and conduct course team meetings - Undertake regular communication with staff and students - Report to the Head of the department - Liaise with the admission office concerning students lists and results - Contribute to the development and grading of admission exams. - Create and maintain the grade sheets (No one else should have access except the line manager) - Monitor the course development through: 1-Leading the ongoing evidence-based course development, design and delivery (taking samples of all graded assignments) 2-Coordinating student assessment across the course and ensuring consistency of handing-in dates and grading according to the announced rubric. 3-Overseeing administration of student progress (receiving reports of weak and struggling students) 4-Ensuring the compliance of the delivery of the course with the approved documentation (course specs, weekly plan and assignment submission) 5-Soliciting feedback from course stakeholders (co-teachers, peer instructors and TAs) in relation to course coordination process / outcomes and course design 6-Conducting class visits on regular basis 7-Ensuring that students get make-up sessions for any lost classes because of the absence of the instructor.

Qualifications    - PhD or MA holder of Applied Linguistics, TESOL, TEFL, Arts (English Dept.). - Teaching Critical Reviews, Research Grant Proposal, PhD Proposals. - Preferably Graduate of Faculty of Applied Linguistics - Or TESOL or TEFL
Gender    Any
Car owner     Any
Experience    10-15 Years.
Other Skills    Candidate must have flexibility to work in a changing environment
Salary (L.E.)    Negotiable
Job Contact Email     Please send your updated CV on

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