Production Planning Engineer Jobs In Egypt 2017

Production Planning Engineer Jobs In Egypt And Career In Vacancies In Cairo 2017
Job Title     Production Planning Engineer
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy)    1/31/2017
 Languages     English, Very Good
Country     Egypt
City     Cairo
Job Category    Industrial Engineering, Production, Planning
Job Type    Full Time
Job Level     Senior
Description      1) Plans and prepares production schedules for manufacture of industrial or commercial products: Draws up master schedule to establish sequence and lead time of each operation to meet shipping dates according to sales forecasts or customer orders. 2) Analyzes production specifications and plant capacity data and performs mathematical calculations to determine manufacturing processes, tools, and human resource requirements. 3) Plans and schedules workflow for each department and operation according to previously established manufacturing sequences and lead times.

Qualifications    Strong interpersonal skills. Negotiation and analytical skills. Well organized and prides themselves in attention to detail. Ability to be assertive to achieve goals. Can work on own initiative. Self-motivated.
Gender    Any
Car owner     Any
Education major     Mechanical Engineering
Experience    3 - 5 Years.
Salary (L.E.)    Negotiable
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