Graphic Designer For Matter

Employer Matter
Job Title Graphic Designer
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy) 3/7/2018
 Languages English, Excellent
Arabic, Good
Country Egypt 
City Cairo
Job Category Decoration / Design 
Job Type Full Time
Job Level Senior 
Description Portfolio must be present when applying.

 A graphic designer creates visual concepts either by hand or by using computer software to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and engage consumers. He/she develops the overall layout and production design for packaging, identities, manuals, posters and collateral.

 Main Duties:
 - Develop a full understanding of the product/service, including but not limited, to its strengths, weaknesses, and competition landscape.
 - Identify clear objectives of the brief while checking mandatory guidelines/ materials to work with.
 - Identify the target consumers habits and behaviors and the end benefit of the product/service.
 - Participate constructively in brain storming sessions and help colleagues express their ideas clearly. 
 - Conduct comprehensive research to come up with genuine concepts and names for the brands. 
 - Deploy concept development by pen or ink promptly with pencils illustrations of concepts on the spot.
 - Render basic compositions or layouts. 
 - Utilize his/her knowledge of typography, art of calligraphy, and photography techniques and styles to develop designs. 
 - Deliver designs that identify and convey previously agreed upon message. 
 - Develop graphics and visuals for product packaging, identities, and collateral. 
 - Respond to changes according to feedback given by clients and translate that in the designs provided. 
 - Present brand concepts and actual designs to the client.
 - Review designs and confirm clarity of error before dispatch.
 - Have an interest in social and cultural trends and up-to-date with industry trends
 - Flexibility: must be able to work under different conditions with diverse groups. This also entails ability to handle multiple projects and working under stress. 
 - Open-mindedness: must be able to see and understand other perspectives/ ideas and handle negative feedback constructively.

Qualifications Competencies: - Creativity: must have the ability to look at products/services in a unique way bringing hidden beauty to the surface and translating that into tangible use. - Communication skills: must have strong communication skills that enable him/her to build strong rapport with all stakeholders involved and lead diverse teams successfully. Requirements: - Profound understanding of typography (Kerning, leading, tracking, etc.). - Proficient at various photography principles, techniques, and styles. - Masters Adobe Creative suite (Photoshop/illustrator/bridge etc.). - Ability to work with layers, image manipulation, vector, paths, masking, etc. - Ability to use graphic tablets. - Possesses comprehensive computer photo-retouching and image development skills. - Understands all modern printing techniques and usages (Offset, Flexography, Roto, Silkscreen, etc.) and have a clear understanding of RGB/CMYK/ PANTONE. 
Gender Any
Experience 3 - 5 Years. 
Salary (L.E.) 4000 - 6000 EGP

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