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Lab Engineer I, Construction Engineering For The American University in Cairo - AUC

Employer The American University in Cairo - AUC
Job Title Lab Engineer I, Construction Engineering
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy) 3/4/2018
 Languages Arabic, Excellent
English, Excellent
Country Egypt
City Cairo
Job Category Engineering
Job Type Full Time
Job Level Senior
Description o Ensures safety and security measures of the above stated labs in performance aspects and users
 o Supervises lab staff on all relevant tasks
 o Reports to the Environmental Engineering Program Director & the Department Chair in all relevant lab concerns
 o Suggests to the program actions towards improving lab performance, equipment and materials upgrade and actions needed for lab modification, and prepare requisitions for all lab equipment
 o Provides the program with the latest technologies required to improve the lab facilities to serve the Environmental research studies
 o Suggests to the Environmental Engineering program budget items needed for improving the labs performance
 o Provides students, teaching assistants, faculty and other lab users with the needed technical information of the labs.
 o Carries out all experiments and demonstrations that help students in understanding the experiment, their setup, and theory behind experiments, constraints, possible sources of error, interpreting the data, minimizing sources of error. In addition to managing term projects, research experiments for graduate and undergraduate students, assists in planning and designing of academic experiments in Environmental aspects and discusses possible alternatives and the data produced.
 o Prepares lab manuals for each experiment to be conducted in the lab
 o Participates technically and supervises regular maintenance and the repairs for lab equipment
 o Works with the program in maintaining and upgrading labs facilities and equipments
 o Participates and supervises Calibration of the lab equipments periodically

Qualifications Minimum education requirement: University Degree in, Environmental, Construction or Civil Engineering. Experience: 5-7 years of experience in related fields Skills: o Required excellent interpersonal skills o Excellent written and spoken Arabic and English o Excellent operating knowledge of Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, and Surfer
Gender Any
Experience 6 - 9 Years.
Salary (L.E.) Negotiable
Comments Job Code: 10000325

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