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Logistics Specialist For Rasport

Job Title Logistics Specialist
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy) 6/21/2018
 Languages English, Excellent
Country Egypt
City Cairo
Job Category Logistics, Import & Export
Job Type Full Time
Job Level Junior
Description -Organize all shipments in line with company requirements. -Prepare and maintain a delivery schedule and communicating to all relevant departments. -Ensure integrity and timely preparation and authorization of Import/Export documentation such as Bills of lading, commercial invoices and packing lists. -Ensure correct In co terms are used for shipments and provide guidance for Sales and Procurement in optimal In co term use. -Verification of all freight invoices and negotiating freight rates that create the most competitive advantage and profitability. -Build strong relationships with carriers and select the most cost effective carriers. -Work with customer locations to manage and reduce demur-rage expense by eliminating inefficiencies Have the ability to prioritize tasks each day so that the most important tasks are completed to maximize customer satisfaction.

Qualifications University degree is a must - Considerable knowledge about government regulations for importing and exporting. Experience of fashion retail business is preferred
Gender Any
Car owner Any
Experience 3 - 5 Years.
Salary (L.E.) Negotiable
Comments any Resume without Job Title will be Ignored

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