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M&E Enumerators For CNFA

Employer CNFA
Job Title M&E Enumerators
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy) 5/31/2018
 Languages Arabic, Excellent
English, Very Good
Country Egypt
City Minya
Job Category Economy
Job Type Part Time
Job Level Junior
Description The Enumerator will perform data collection for a survey of farmers participating in a USAID-funded project, to collect a range of data related to production and marketing. The specific tasks include:
 - Attend a training workshop to become familiar with the questionnaire and the interviewing tools and methods, including collecting data by tablet.
 - Pre-test the survey questionnaire to identify any errors and suggest improvements to the form.
 - Under the supervision of the Governorate Supervisor, collect the survey data from farmers using the prescribed tools and methods, and submit completed survey forms electronically.

Qualifications Ideal candidate will have: a degree in Agricultural economics or Horticulture 2 - 5 Years or work experience preferably in data collection experience with surveying, or conducting focus groups familiar with USAID M&E indicators and data entry
Gender Any
Car owner Any
Education major Agricultural Engineering
Experience 3 - 5 Years.
Compensations Compensation will depend on current salary the candidate is earning. This will be verified at the time of hiring via a contract or a paystub.
Salary (L.E.) Negotiable
Comments To apply, please send your 1. CV, education verification - diploma, 2. Citizenship verification - ID, 3. Filled USAID 1420 form (, 4. Salary verification - fully signed contract or a paystub, and 5. Three references

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