Editor For Media Scene

Employer Media Scene
Job Title Editor
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy) 8/9/2018
 Languages Arabic, Excellent
English, Very Good
Country Egypt
City Giza
Job Category Auditing
Job Type Full Time
Job Level Junior
Description Perform a variety of editorial duties, such as laying out, indexing, and revising the content of written materials, in preparation for final publication.
 1) Prepare, rewrite and edit copy to improve readability, or supervise others who do this work.
 2) Read copy or proof to detect and correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and syntax.
 3) Allocate print space for story text, photos, and illustrations according to space parameters and copy significance, using knowledge of layout principles.
 4) Plan the contents of publications according to the publications style, editorial policy, and publishing requirements.
 5) Verify facts, dates, and statistics, using standard reference sources.
 6) Review and approve proofs submitted by composing room prior to publication production.
 7) Develop story or content ideas, considering the reader or audience appeal.
 8) Oversee publication production, including artwork, layout, computer typesetting, and printing, ensuring adherence to deadlines and budget requirements.
 9) Confer with management and editorial staff members regarding placement and emphasis of developing news stories.
 10) Assign topics, events, and stories to individual writers or reporters for coverage.
 11) Read, evaluate and edit manuscripts or other materials submitted for publication and confer with authors regarding changes in content, style or organization, or publication.
 12) Monitor news-gathering operations to ensure utilization of all news sources, such as press releases, telephone contacts, radio, television, wire services, and other reporters.
 13) Meet frequently with artists, typesetters, layout personnel, marketing directors, and production managers to discuss projects and resolve problems.

Qualifications Pursue your editing interests Earn a bachelors degree Acquire supplemental skills Gain work experience
Gender Any
Car owner Any
Education major Arabic Language
Experience 1 - 2 Years.
Salary (L.E.) Negotiable

Job Contact Email info@mediasceneeg.com 

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