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وظيفة Graphic Designer

Job Title Graphic Designer
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy) 8/26/2018
 Languages English, Very Good
Country Egypt
City Cairo
Job Category Graphic Designing, Social Media
Job Type Full Time
Job Level Senior
Description responsible for the overall visual aspects of an advertising or media campaign and movie and television productions.
 create the overall design and Ability to understand and handle designs.
 Capable of modelling projects from minimum sketches
 Be an integral part of almost every stage in the creative process, from conceptualization to storyboard and editing.
 Important is the understanding of various computer programs to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional animated objects.
 As a film or video editor.

 responsible for assembling recorded raw material into a finished product thats suitable for broadcasting.

 The material may include camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects.

Qualifications experience from 1 to 5 year motions graphic , video editing, video graphic,
Gender Any
Experience 3 - 5 Years.
Salary (L.E.) 4000 - 6000 EGP
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