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فرص عمل فى تخصصات متنوعة بشركة السويدى

- Accountant (Female, 3-5 years expereince in AP industrial/corporate sector) بنات فقط- - محاسبه 

- Landscape Agriculture Engineer (7-10 years of experience) 

- Property Consultants (2-3 years of experience, Gouna & Cairo, Males & Females)

- Marketing & Sales Specialist (2-5 years experience, Engineering/Marketing Majors)

- Corporate Governance (Previous exp in same position)

- Contract Formation Specialist - Legal department (5-7 years experience, Bsc. of Engineering)

- Visa Coordinator - Travel Department (2-4 years experience, Male only, Outdoor based work)

- Executive Assistant (Female, 2-3 years experience, lives near New Cairo)

Please mention the subject in the title; otherwise your CV will be not be reviewed

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