Quality Internal Auditor For Samaya Electronics 2016

Quality Internal Auditor Jobs In Egypt And Career In Samaya Electronics Vacancies In Cairo 2016
Employer     Samaya Electronics
Job Title     Quality Internal Auditor
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy)    1/19/2017
 Languages     English, Excellent
Country     Egypt
City     Cairo
Job Category    Electrical Engineering, Auditing
Job Type    Full Time
Job Level     Managerial
Description      Evaluate production processes for compliance with quality requirements Periodically inspect and calibrate auditing tools (e.g., scales, calipers) Assist in development of audit plans, audit schedules Participate in quality audits (and lead a team of quality auditors, when needed) Identify processes, situations, etc., where organization is meeting requirements, as well as identify opportunities for improvement Assist audit team in developing audit reports; present audit reports to top management, as needed Assist with follow-up audits, as required May be required to develop internal auditing/testing parameters

Qualifications    -Certified Lean and six Sigma -Certified for ISO -VDA certified
Gender    Any
Car owner     yes
Education major     Electrical Engineering
Experience    6 - 9 Years.
Salary (L.E.)    8000 - 10000 EGP
Job Contact Email     automotivehiring1@gmail.com

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