Supply Chain Section Head For International Food & Consumable Goods Egypt S.A.E - IFCG 2017

Supply Chain Section Head Jobs In Egypt And Career In International Food & Consumable Goods Egypt S.A.E - IFCG Vacancies In Cairo 2017
Employer International Food & Consumable Goods Egypt S.A.E - IFCG
Job Title Supply Chain Section Head
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy) 1/31/2017
 Languages English, Excellent
Country Egypt
City Giza
Job Category Supply Chain, Industry, FMCG
Job Type Full Time
Job Level Senior
Description Responsible for overall performance of supply chain function including planning, procurement, logistics and warehousing. Ensure that all raw material related to production are approved and releases by QC Department. Participate in selecting the suppliers of raw materials used in production and reviews the schedules for suppliers to deliver raw materials on a regular basis. Ensure that warehouses are well managed, organized, according to companys standards and that all material or products are releases according to FIFO (First in First Out). Work closely with the plants managers and the pre/post operation to manage work orders cycle, including blocking goods as per the companys approved procedure. Host and cooperate with the official representatives of the MoH for sampling, approvals and releases. Ensure the quality of the goods, boxes and pallets, and the quality of the loading and unloading, are according to the agreed documented instructions and procedures. To ensure points taken by the IA are corrected immediately and submit a corrective action plan to the IA to be followed up in the next IA. Ensure his department is organized and structured, as per the guidelines provided by the DOO, and that all subordinates are well informed of their functions, and are monitored, controlled and trained. Participates in the strategy planning preview and in the preparation of Plan of Operations to advice on supply chain requirements. Develop Supply Chain components of the Company or emergency response, including systems for storage and distribution of supplies to all production sites. Responsible for logistics/supply planning through coordination with Operations/Program Sections. Provides technical advice on specifications supply and logistics arrangements facilitating efficient procurement, clearance, storage and distribution of supplies and equipment.

Qualifications 1. Should have the required leadership qualities and excellent managerial abilities. 2. Should be able to constantly monitor the supply chain. 3. Should be able to make the project cost effective by using the strong strategic skills. 4. Should have a very strong and dedicated understanding towards the clients needs and basic requisites. 5. Experience of Transports. 6. Experience in project management and Financial analysis 7. Strong, positive communicator
Gender Any
Car owner Any
Experience 6 - 9 Years.
Salary (L.E.) Negotiable
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