Marketing Manager For Comfort Egypt

Employer Comfort Egypt
Job Title Marketing Manager
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy) 5/31/2018
 Languages English, Excellent
Country Egypt
City Cairo
Job Category Marketing
Job Type Full Time
Job Level Managerial
Description Participate in the development of strategic plans and objectives of the company with the Director General and work on the implementation of marketing management plans to ensure the realization of the vision and objectives of the company.
 2. To contribute to the updating of the policy and procedures manual for its management and to ensure its application in accordance with the overall quality standards
 3. Contribute to the development of marketing management plans with other related departments, such as sales and business development, and follow up the implementation of these plans and procedures in the time schedule specified by the auxiliary team according to the needs of the company to ensure quality.
 4. Planning with the general manager to provide the needs of marketing management and determine the annual budget with the financial sector and its adoption with the Director General
 5. Contribute to the risk assessment of the departments and management of the subsidiary with the development of preventive measures to avoid occurrence or reduce the effects.
 6. Identify and implement corrective and remedial actions and policies that will improve marketing processes.
 7. Determine the human resources needs of the subordinate departments and identify the different levels of employment.
 8. Follow-up evaluation of the performance of employees in the administration, and raise the performance of staff and improve their efficiency to ensure the operation of the work in the best way and an alternative to perform the various tasks
 9. Contribute to planning and conducting market research in terms of marketing opportunities, competitors work, internal and external market conditions to develop an effective marketing strategy and identify opportunities to increase sales.
 10. Develop and implement marketing programs to achieve the established goals of revenue, profitability and market share.

Qualifications Bachelor of Business Administration or equivalent and preferably have a masters degree. Experience 7 years in marketing. Ability to develop and follow all new. Ability to observe and audit. Analytical skills to predict and identify trends and challenges Ability to think creatively and creatively. Ability to work within a team. Ability to lead and make decisions. Find at least one foreign language next to Arabic. Computer skills. Ability to present and present ideas. Ability to analyze numbers and facts. Ability to draw plans and coordinate them. Understand the principles of cost effectiveness of marketing and advertising
Gender Any
Car owner Any
Education major Marketing
Experience 10-15 Years.
Salary (L.E.) 15,000 - 20,000 EGP

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