Hire Me Now وظفني حالا

Hire Me Now وظفني حالا

وظائف الشركة الوظنية لادارة المشروعات - وظفنى حالا 2017

الشركة الوطنية لادارة المشروعات

Alwatnia for project management in a Real Estate Developing field has the following outstanding job opportunity in Egypt
1- Senior Sales Specialist.
2- Sales Specialist.
3- Marketing Specialist
4- E-Marketing Specialist.
5- Customer Service Specialist 
6- Call Centre Agent 
7- Executive Secretary.
8- Accountant.
9- مسئول استقبال وضيافة

Apply to hr@alwatnia.com or m.ibrahim@alwatnia.com or salah@alwatnia.com.
Attractive packages and special reward providing for selected. 
For more details, please visit our website www.alwatnia.com.

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